International certifications since 2010

International certification according to ISO 9001

Since 2010 Nani s.a.r.l. has been DIN EN ISO 9001. certified. According to globally recognized standards that define requirements for effective quality management in companies.

All responsibilities and accountabilities, structures and workflows are meticulously and transparently recorded and documented. The QM system serves to ensure customer satisfaction and to improve it, thereby, providing a standardized framework, by which Nani ensures its application in all aspects of its activity as a toy manufacturer.

International certification according to ISO 9001

Certified according to ICTI Care Ethical Toy Program

ICTI means International Council of Toy Industries. CARE is short for Caring, Aware, Responsible and Ethical. The label assures our customers and consumers alike that their figures are manufactured in a safe and healthy environment.

The Code of Conduct includes all important principles, such as safety in the workplace, environmental protection and compliance with national labor laws. Compliance with the Code of Conduct, mastery and effectiveness of the ICTI CARE Process have been audited by international auditors for more than ten years and have been successfully certified ever since.

Certified according to ICTI Care Ethical Toy Program

Certified according to ILS Disney

The Walt Disney Company has developed an International Labor Standards Program (ILS Program) to help promote a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment wherever Disney Brand products are manufactured.

Since we have been manufacturing licensed Disney characters for our customer Boxine, Nani has been treated similarly to the ICTI Care program in terms of labor law and Occupational health and safety measures are reviewed by internationally accredited auditors on the basis of a comprehensive catalog of criteria.

Disney figurines

Disney ILS Social Compliance Audit
Successfully passed on: 17.07.2020