One big Family

Nani s.a.r.l. was established in 1982 by a German family and remains privately owned to this date. We are specialists in the development and production of lifelike replicas of animals and fantasy figures made of plastic. Our goal is to produce entirely new play worlds and their corresponding figures again and again with great care and attention to detail. Teaching children about the diversity of nature through play at an early age - from animals on the farm to wild animals in the jungle.

Illustration History

History of NANI s.a.r.l. in decades

  • 1982


    … our production was transferred from Germany to Tunisia with the founding of the Nataschaplast plant in Menzel Bou Zelfa.

  • 2007


    … a second plant was established in Tunisia to accommodate the ever increasing commercial orders.

  • 2008


    … a plant in China was established to better serve the needs for our customers from America and Australia.

  • 2018


    … a plant in Portugal was added, which specialises and focuses on mold making.

  • 2020


    … wour third plant was built in Tunisia in order to provide space and flexibility for the increasing growth.

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We value Social responsibility, quality management and environmental awareness.

Our social commitment is important to us in order to support the people, the region and the country that hosts us in its development. We see ourselves as part of the community and believe in the principle of togetherness. To fulfill our obligations to the community, we run a kindergarten in Tunisia in cooperation with UNICEF, maintain a partnership with a school for mentally handicapped young people, and support the local sports clubs. We leave no one behind and do not look away from even the most tragic individuals' fates.

Our commitment

Illustration Kindergarten

Our kindergarten

Nani s.a.r.l. is building a children's center for 200 children

Nani's goal is to help the country and its people balance work and family life, independent of economic interests. Together we contribute to strengthening the responsibility of civil society through education.

Our kindergarten


Our values and principles.

We have a fundamental obligation to our values in the orientation of our company, according to both the principles of social justice, environmentally oriented and industrial standards as well as legal requirements. Nani, in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, supports the government program "Partnership for Employment". Tunisian job seekers, people disadvantaged on the local labor market, and Tunisian returnees from Germany are offered an opportunity to be part of our operation, laying the foundations for a new economic new beginning.

Illustration Philosophie
Photo by Brad Dodson on unsplash.com


Our children are important to us.

As a manufacturer of branded toys, we have a special responsibility towards parents and children. Each figure is meticulously crafted by hand. We use few machines in the painting process as we value our painters that give the figures a lifelike appearance with their brush and paint in hand. In addition each figurine has to pass a series of strict quality tests before it is delivered as an item ready for sale.


Certified professionalism and industry knowledge.

40 years of production experience have made us a market leader in Quality production. Our professionalism and industry knowledge are confirmed by seals of approval such as ISO 9001 and ICTI, as well as close cooperation with Universal Studios and Walt Disney.

Our certifications

seals of approval ISO 9001 und ICTI


Team der NANI s.a.r.l.

Foto des Teams
Foto von Dipl.-Kfm. Marc Kraut

Dipl.-Kfm. Marc Kraut

Promoteur, Associé, Gérant

As founder, shareholder and managing director of NANI s.a.r.l., he is the first point of contact for customers. His education as an industrial engineer informs his process and customer oriented actions. Through his social commitment to the country and its people, he has created a corporate culture and identity of his own, which is deeply valued by his employees, partners and authorities.

Foto von Dipl.-Ing. Paul Kraut

Dipl.-Ing. Paul Kraut

Associé, Directeur

A technical education combined with ingenuity, pragmatism and a instinctinctful feel for products make Paul Kraut a unique specialist in the manufacture of toys. As founder and shareholder of Nani s.a.r.l., he is responsible for research and development as well as the strategic direction of our company. His advice and experience are appreciated by customers and employees alike.

Foto von Dipl.-Kfm. Volker Kasten

Dipl.-Kfm. Volker Kasten

Directeur General

All challenges of daily business, communication with customers as well as our representation towards authorities, ministries, economy and politics fall under his responsibilities. For over 20 years he has been managing the local business and is very familiar with the product, the country and the people. His abilities to form expert and specialized teams in addition to his own expertise shape our company anew every day.